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About Us


YMCA, Gaza works towards empowering the Palestinian youth in Gaza through implementing various programs in the social, economic, technology and sports domains for the advancement of youth spiritually, mentally and physically promoting openness and non-discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religious beliefs, cultural background or gender.


Empowering Palestinian’s youth to be the leaders of change.

External Purpose:

Developing and implementing programs informed by the real needs of Palestinian youth in Gaza by active and specialized young people within local and international partnerships that serve the ambitions of the youth.



Transparency and Integrity:

We believe in the principles of integrity and transparency and apply them in our work with partners and stakeholders within a framework of accountability in all of YMCA, Gaza domains of work.


We are professionally and ethically committed to achieving organizational excellence.

Participation and Voluntary Work:

We firmly believe in voluntary work and active participation in the community based on mutual cooperation with all stakeholders.


We believe in the importance of empowering active youth to take a leading role in advancing their society.


We make sure that our work environment is based on tolerance and mutual respect to our employees, members and community.


We believe that each individual is responsible for his/her actions according to our bylaws and code of ethics.


We are open in our relationships with local and international partners and share our expertise and information without reservations to enhance cooperation and networking.


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