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Youth Department (Leaders’ Club)

Leadership Training Program – We build capacity among 40 adolescent every year targeting age 15-16 years old in the leadership training in order to take voluntary part and responsibility in the community activities. The adolescents receive training in children’s rights, activities’ techniques, team work, problem solving, nurturing, communication, educational intercommunication, and planning skills. Also there is an annual refreshing training course for senior leaders where they can refresh their information in the subjects that serve in Summer Camp, their relations with the facilitators and the children. Summer Camps’ Programme Every year the YMCA runs its Summer Camp, boys & girls for age 6-14 under trained YMCA leaders. The camp lasts for one month using the halls and yards of the YMCA.  Parties and programs along the year: The youth programme arranges and organizes open days for children during school year as: workshops, different activities; sports and arts, field trips, birthday parties and Mother’s Day .

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