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‎Ramadan football tournament

YMCA-Gaza sport committee is organizing its annual Ramadan football tournament for men aged 15-30 and 30+, each category has 5 teams competing between each other in a league system. The tournament will span over 4 days and pictures will be uploaded here continuously  

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Ramadan Volleyball Tournament

YMCA-Gaza Sports committee is organizing its annual Ramadan volleyball tournament. 6 teams are participating in this tournament spanning 5 days of games league style. This Ramadan tournament is sponsored by the “Sports for Positive Change” project. Tournament pictures will be displayed consecutively in this album. Update: The tournament was concluded ...

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Finally here at YMCA-Gaza the Guinness world record certificate

Finally here at YMCA-Gaza the Guinness world record certificate for the largest number of penalty kicks in different venues, this attempt was successfully organised by the world alliance of YMCAs globally in memory of the 171st anniversary of the 1st YMCA. YMCA-Gaza actively participated in the event that took place ...

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Sports for Positive Change‎

Last October YMCA-Gaza launched the “Sports for Positive Change” project funded by Emrace the middle east (UK), and Y-Care international (UK), the project will run for 1 year and is targeting in its first phase 150 young men and women aged 16-22 in two sports: Basketball, and Table Tennis, in ...

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Chess tournament finals‎

YMCA-Gaza has recently concluded the Blitz chess tournament organized for three day at the YMCA by the Palestinean chess federation, 40 participants competed in the tournament, the final ceremony was attended by YMCA-Gaza’s BODs and the national general secretary. the tournament cup and the medals where handed-out to the champions: ...

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